What I Plan to Do in 2017

Lets make an ultimate To do list for 2017. I love looking back and seeing how many places I’ve visited in a year. Lately I’ve been mostly staying at home, because I have lots to do and I feel as if year 2017 is slowly slipping away and I’m just sitting behind my desk at home. I know it’s silly, since it’s only January but the weather is so great that I feel quite bad about it.

First I’m planning a short trip to the seaside, probably in March or April to get some early sunshine before spring fully kicks in. Last year we booked hotel Lone in Rovinj and I’m thinking of something similar for this year but I have no specific destination yet.

I have a trip to the Netherlands planed (an booked!) for the beginning of May. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and I’ve even traveled around the country for a bit with my architecture studio group. Then we mostly visited known buildings and some urban designs so I didn’t have time to do a lot of sightseeing. So I’m really, really excited about this trip. Me and my friend plan to visit Utrecht, den Haag, Breda, Gouda, Edam etc. We’ll also visit a cheese market in Alkmaar which I predict to be the highlight of the trip for me! :)

In June I want to go to Italy, to Dolomites. The last time we were there I really loved it. It is actually one of my all-time favorite destinations. Last year I didn’t get to go there so this year this is a must.

Durign the summer I want to spend one weekend in Soča Valley in Slovenia. I’ve been there as a child but I’ve forgotten a lot. I would also like to visit another panoramic road in Austria (Goldeck Panoramastrasse, Nockalmstrasse or Villacher Alpenstrasse) and maybe stay there for a day so we don’t have to drive all the way back home on the same day.

September is my travel month. I plan a trip to Czech republic. I already did the whole itinerary last year but we didn’t get to realize our plans. So this year we don’t have to plan anything – we just need to book some apartments and start the car!

In October I want to make another short trip – no specific plans yet. This is just my wishful thinking. If everything works out, we might even fly to Malta real quick. :)

In December around Christmas we’ll probably spend a few days in Austria, maybe in Innsbruck. We are kind of running out of great close places to visit around Christmas.

So this is mostly it. How do you feel about my plans? Too much? :)

2 thoughts on “What I Plan to Do in 2017”

  • I wouldn’t say to much plans, because if something fills you with energy and you feel the pasion doing it…there is no to much for such things! But…i understood that we are going to Dolomiti in August( not in june)…are we talking about the same trip? :)

    • I want to go to Dolomiti first once to explore the Brixen and Bruneck region in June, mostly by car maybe go hiking. Then in August, when you go for your sporty weekend, I’m definitely coming with if you have a seat for me in the car! :)
      Also thank you for the comment and your support. :)

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