Valencia for Foodies


When I was in Barcelona a few years ago, one of the thing me and the friend I traveled with always remember is – food. After years we still talk how good and how much we ate that week, trying every Spanish dish we could think of, with regular coffee breaks. In our defense – it was too hot to walk around anyway! :)

Naturally when traveling to Spain again, I had some expectations about food. Some things I wanted to eat again some I wanted to tryout. Most of all I was looking forward to eating tapas again. We walked around for quite a while before we chose our spot. We wanted a place that wasn’t too central, wasn’t too pricey, but still looked nice. We chose MasQMenos and were quite happy with our choice, but I wouldn’t mind having some more food on those little plates. :)


This was my first time trying paella. Before I only saw versions with see food which I don’t like (maybe I just always assumed it’s made with see food and didn’t even check), but this one was made with meat and green beans and I quite enjoyed it. It has a specific flavor, and it’s dry, but very aromatic – delicious!





We went to Mercado Central on a Saturday morning and it was crowded. There were so many people, the restaurants were packed, the streets were bustling. A wonderful atmosphere. We bought some clementines, beer and home made chips. There was so much food there, but we were leaving the next day and we couldn’t buy as much as we wanted.


Of course I can’t even imagine finishing this list without churros. I loved them in Barcelona and I loved them now. So crispy, covered with chocolate – yum!

All in all we ate well, but to be honest, I’ll always remember Barcelona as Spanish foodie paradise. Maybe my high expectations ruined my experience this time.

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