Sicily – Itinerary part 1


I’ve been thinking about posting photos from my last big trip for a while now. I wanted to do a proper itinerary, because I planed it in and out and it would be a shame not to share. I was to busy to do that for the past few months, but now that I’ve finished some of my projects – here goes.


I decided to divide the trip into 3 posts according to where we were staying. This is the first part. We flew from Venice to Trapani and than stayed in Valverde near Catania for 3 nights. I made a reservation via airbnb and the place was great. It was very small but had a big terrace overlooking the sea, surrounded with lemon treas. In this post I am only showing the highlights, because it would be impossible to show everything. If you have any additional questions or want some insider tips, just leave a comment or contact me. :)






Cefalú was the first town we visited after arriving to Sicily. I remember still wearing long jeans and being extremely hot. There were many people on the beach and the streets were bustling with tourists. The town is squeezed between the sea and a rocky slope and has a big Norman cathedral that gives the town it’s specific silhouette. It’s one of the major tourist attractions in Sicily.


our home for a few days, Valverde, Catania












Piazza Armerina




Caltagirone id famous for it’s hand-decorated ceramics. The city has 142-step staircase of Santa Maria del Monte which I would call one of the highlights of the trip. The stairs and the whole city is decorated with colorful ceramic tiles that make Caltagirone unique. To our surprise there were no tourists and we were practically the only ones interested in the attractions. This was also the case in Enna and most of other towns. Only at the major tourist attractions were there people. Otherwise we were practically the only tourists. Apparently the tourist season is also over in September, which seems odd, because it was still 30°+ everyday.

The third day we had some troubles with our car – the air-conditioning broke down in the middle of nowhere when driving to Randazzo. We had to stop to cool our car down which was quite a challenge on an open road and 33°C. We lost some time there so when we were near Taormina it was already dark and we decided to drive home without stopping. This is the only stop we had to leave out in our 14-day-long journey, so I wouldn’t call that a major failure. However I’m sorry that I didn’t visit Taormina, because it was one of the towns I was looking most forward to. So if you’re traveling in Sicily – don’t leave Taormina out! The next day we drove to Catania and exchanged our car for a new one with working AC, so everything worked out.


Oh and one more news! I just made a reservation for Lake Garda, Italy in June. Finally I have and upcoming trip in my airbnb profile again. :)

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