Sardinia – Itinerary N°1

Porto Frailis near Arbatax

I think the Sardinia itinerary I promised to post about a year ago is long overdue, what do you say? Well, here it finally is! I do have another confession to make – I had maps and photos ready for almost a year as well I just needed to post them. Remember my Sicily itinerary? You can find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 from my post history. After I finish this Sardinia series, I will share a combined itinerary with some info about actual cost. Hopefully this would be interesting to some of you readers? :)

We arrived from Sicily to Cagliari airport around noon. First we rented our car and then we drove across the island to our first destination in Irgoli, where we rented a nice apartment via airbnb. We stayed in for the rest of the evening, cooked some dinner and did some research for the next day.

Sa Pedra Itampada

Our first stop the next morning was Sa Pedra Itampada rock near Galtelli. I found some photos of it when doing my research at home, but no specific location since it’s located in the mountains and I wasn’t even sure we’ll be able to get there with our little car. Luckily we saw a sign almost immediately after arriving to Galtelli. The road is well marked and panoramic. The rock and the views are amazing, you can hardly tell you’re standing on an Mediterranean  island.

amazing view from Sa Pedra Itampada

view from the top of Monte Tuttavista


Next we headed towards Arbatax that’s known for it’s porphyry red rocks. The rock are really amazing but there’s not much more to see in the surroundings. We headed to the beach of Porto Frailis and spend some time there before driving back home.


sandy beach of Porto Frailis

The next day we were already continuing our journey towards our next base point – Olmedo, where we rented our next airbnb accommodation. On our way we stopped in the village of  Burgos that stands on the slopes of the Goceano range.





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