Full Moon over Ljubljana

020I was surprised by the amazing view that opened at the end of main street of Ljubljana. The moon was bigger and brighter than usually.

027Another picture of the moon above main square with the stature of Slovenian most famous poet (the author of Slovenian national anthem).

042I loved the quiet walk through Ljubljana. It is my hometown but many times in summer, when surrounded with tourists I sort of pretend that I also am just a tourist visiting a strange town, I seem to enjoy it more that way. Later I stopped for a latte – it is never to late for some coffee – and a grilled cheese sandwich.

The Memory of: Amsterdam

349bDinner at Wok to Walk where the food is delicious and people are friendly. I had a nice meal and ate there twice that week.

357Birthday celebration the way it is supposed to be done. A party boat near Westerkerk.


428c Flowers at Hortus Botanicus, botanical garden in Amsterdam. It is a nice place to relax after walking the paved streets all day long. You can also find a nice café in there.

464Local people chilling near the river. The life in Amsterdam pretty much stops after 5 p. m. when most of the stores close. After that everyone just sits in cafés and drinks wine on the river banks.


583cThe streets and the canal so typical for Amsterdam. However nice and not overrated.


I visited Amsterdam for the first time about two years ago and went there again in May this year. It is a lovely and unique city. I love the dutch way of life, everything is in order and so nice. There are thousands of nice cafes, bars and restaurants, but what I liked the most were the museums. Stedelijk Museum is my all-time favorite and Van Gogh is my all-time favorite painter, so visiting Van Gogh Museum was really not a waste of time for me.



Wanderlust (n): a strong desire

for or impulse to wander or

travel or explore the world.

Hope this blog will turn out to be everything the word promises. Countless new places, experiences, full of strong feelings and anticipation. The beauty of city lights, the quiet of an open ocean, the warmth of summer nights, the power of winds and most of all the joy of travel.