Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar My studies just started and I’m already in to my knees. It’s a good thing I did some traveling before that, because it looks like I’ll be spending most of my time […]

Snaps from my Latest Travels

I’ve been super busy lately. I managed to prepare some material to post when I was traveling in Sicily and Sardegna, but after that I kind of run out of time and posts. Sorry for […]

Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam can be reached from Berlin via about an hour long train ride. From the train station you have to take the bus and than walk for a few minutes, but it’s all worth it. […]

Debela Peč, near Bled, Slovenia

Debela Peč is one of the easier accessible mountains that is more than 2000 m high. From the top there’s a wonderful view of the Triglav – Slovenian highest mountain. It’s a bit more than […]

Seine River and Musee du Louvre, Paris

Walks along the Seine are the perfect thing to do when in Paris. The banks of the river are the best location for morning or evening walks. You can hide from the cars and noise […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I’ve been thinking about doing a food related post for a while. I decided to start with some simple breakfast ideas. This summer I’ve really gotten into eating lots of fruit for breakfast. 1. Greek […]

Frederiksborg Slot, Denmark

The Frederiksborg Slot is a castle in Hillerød, about an hour train ride north of Copenhagen. We only stayed in Copenhagen for a few days but we still took this half-day long trip. Hillerød is […]

Ljubljana Castle

Prešern Square and Triple Bridge as seen from the castle It happens a lot that I talk to my friends and mention something about the Ljubljana castle, and then they answer with something like: Oh, […]

Vipava, Slovenia

Vipavski Križ In spring I took some weekends to go on some one-day-trips across Slovenia. We visited some places around Ajdovščina and had a great spring day. Some of the villages we visited are very […]

Around the Geneva Lake, Switzerland

I already shared some photos about the old town of Geneva and now I’m showing you some photos of the lake. The weather was pretty good although it rained a bit. There are a few […]

Berlin, Germany

1. Branderburger Tor / 2. Reichstag I visited Berlin about two years ago for the second time. I like the city although some parts seem just too big – it is not exactly build for […]

7 Triglav Lakes, Slovenia

Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia. There are 7 lakes laying in a valley underneath that can be reached after about 3 and a half hours of walking. Too bad there are only three […]

Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley, Bohinj, Slovenija

Mostnica in an Alpine river that creates gorges trough Voje valley and starts with a waterfall at the very end (or better beginning) of the valley. It takes you about an hour to walk from […]

Bohinj Lake, Slovenija

I spent a week near Bohinj lake in Slovenia. It’s the second most visited lake in my country. The most famous lake is the Bled lake that I already mentioned before. However personally I prefer […]

New Watch from Massimo Dutti

I think that a watch is an important statement piece in every girl’s wardrobe. I feel that there are some pieces that are worth spending more money – like a watch, sunglasses, a classy pair […]

Lola, Vis, Croatia

So I’m back from my one week trip to Bohinj, Slovenia. I’ll hold on to describing my new experiences until a bit later and first finish my seaside tale first. There is one more place […]

Old Town Vis, Croatia

I still have some photos from my Croatian vacation to share. Right now my mind is already on my next getaway. On Sunday I’m leaving for Bohinj for a week. Bohinj lake is the largest […]

Konoba Pol Murvu, Žena Glava, island of Vis, Croatia

Pol murvu is a family-run restaurant, with homemade drinks and food. We visited twice and everything I tried was delicious. It’s rare to get handmade food when eating out. I was especially surprised by the […]

Exploring the island of Vis

When staying on an island, you should always make time to drive around and explore the hidden corners. There are many rent-a-car services on the island that offer charming old car, that are converted so […]

Fort George III, island Vis, Croatia

It’s a short walk from the town of Vis to the Fort George, but you can also drive to the parking place in front of the fort. If you are planning to eat something, they […]