Winter Weekend Break in Opatija

I’ve already shared some pics from my weekend break via Instagram. We booked a three day break in hotel Ambasador in Opatija, Croatia and went there last week. The weather was quite bad for the whole time, but luckily the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, spa with sauna and fitness – everything you could possibly need on a rainy day. :)

Our room was very comfortable, especially the big, white, fluffy bed. It was nice to stay in and watch the rain outside. For once we didn’t spend the whole day walking outside and complain about our blisters in the evening, haha! :)

On the last day we drove up to a church called Veprinac with a beautiful view of Rijeka. Sadly the weather was still pretty gloomy and the trees were everywhere so it was quite a challenge taking a good photo of the view.


Sardinia – Itinerary N°3

So we’ve come to the last part of the journey. This time we traveled along the west coastline and then explored the southern part of the island. We found an airbnb just outside Cagliari, so that on our last day we only had about half an hour drive to the airport. We booked a plane ticket from Cagliari to Trieste and then drove home from there.

On our first day we had a pretty long drive planed since we had to come all the way from northern part of the island to the south. We drove along the coast and stopped a lot on our way. First thing in the morning we visited Alghero where we walked around for a bit and stopped for a morning coffee. Our next stop was the town of Bosa, which stands near the biggest river of the island. I loved this town. It has many colorful houses and picturesque streets.



 We continued further south and sopped for a quick dip at Spiaggia Is Arutas. We were amazed with the beautiful sand we found there. It’s like really small glass-like pebbles that are very comfortable, yet don’t stick to you as much as actual sand. Also they are very pretty! :) This is definitely another beach worth visiting. Afterwards we drove to our next accommodation, made some dinner and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

 Is Arutas

Slowly but surely we came to the last day of our journey. In the morning we went to see the region around Nebida and in the afternoon we stopped in Cagliari. Other than that we spent most of the day relaxing. We were already pretty tired of the 14 days behind us and we felt content with what we managed to see. After driving along the panoramic coast of Nebida we found a beach with small pebbles like the ones at Is Arutas and we stopped there for a few hours. It was almost completely empty, we had the whole long beach practically to ourselves. After we were done sunbathing we drove to Cagliari and walked the streets and stopped for some coffee and a piece of cake at a lovely café.



coffee and Nutella cheesecake at Coccodi





Sardinia – Itinerary N°2

Our second part of Sardinian week was spent on the northern part of the island. We had some shorter day planed and I think this region might be my favorite part of Sardinia. Even now, just looking at those photos made me nostalgic. It was so warm (not as host as Sicily, but waaay hotter than it is here now :)) and we spend our days relaxing, looking at the sea and discovering new places.

The first day we headed east for Spaggia il Principe and Santa Teresa Gallura. On our way we passed Sassari and Aggius – a small, but most charming little village with stone paved streets. We didn’t really plan to stop there but it looked interesting so we decided to take a short walk around the village. I found it beautiful. When I started to prepare material for this post I had more then 10 photos of Aggius although they were all very similar, but there was just something about them I loved.

Spiaggia il Principe


When we arrived to Santa Teresa Gallura we encountered rain for the first time in two weeks. Firt we thought it was just going to be a few drops but after a while it was raining like crazy and we decided to go inside for a coffee and hope for the rain to stop – and it did. After the storm the sky was amazing and in my opinion I took some of my best photos there. The light was simply amazing!

Santa Teresa Gallura

Spiaggia Rena di Ponente


We slowly headed back toward Olmedo, stopping in Castelsardo on our way. There we saw a beautiful sunset over the sea. We didn’t walk around much because we were pretty tired from the long day behind us, we just drove to the top of the hill where Castelsardo is located.

Spiaggia Di Pellosa

The next day we were up early and drove to see Spiaggia Di Pellosa – the most beautiful beach in my opinion. We also drove to Sintino and then further towards Argentiniera. We spend quite some time swimming and sunbathing so it was to late to follow our plan to also visit Alghero at the same time. We decided it would be better to leave it for the next day and just visit Grotte di Nettuno. We didn’t actually go inside, because I’m not very fond of caves, so we rather stayed outside and enjoyed the beautiful views.

just outside Argentiniera

stairs leading towards Grotte di Nettuno

Capo Caccia

Honestly I could write like 5 more pages just about those two days. Those days spent on the islands of Sicily (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and Sardinia (Part 1) were just amazing, so full of memories. If you have any questions what so ever, send me and e-mail or leave a comment below! I wish this year I manage to plan a trip as memorable as this one. It already past midnight as I write this and I suspect today I’ll fall asleep thinking of warm summer days and a smile on my face! :)