Naples and Pompei, Italy

After two wonderful days on the island, we were already on our way towards Naples and the best pizza in the world! After finding the place we booked via airbnb, we went to explore the city for a bit until we were hungry enough to stop for a pizza. We did some research online even before our trip so we already decided on going to L’Antica Pizzeria da Michelle that’s supposed to serve the best pizza in the world. After a half-hour wait we were inside and waiting for our pizzas to come. They only serve two sorts of pizza – marinara and margherita, so it’s all about quality not quantity. For 5 euros you get a pizza so big you’ll struggle to eat the whole thing. It was seriously delicious! The only bad thing was that it was a bit burned, but that’s probably because they want to make as many pizzas as possible in a short amount of time. The bottom line is, I would gladly wait half an hour each day to get a pizza like this! :)


On first Sunday of May we were on our way to Pompei, to see the ancient ruins. There we discovered that all museums offer free admission every first Sunday so we decided to see Pompei first and then also visit some museums in Naples. We went to Museo Archeologico and Museo di Capodimonte where I wanted to see a painting by Caravaggio. Of course they were renovating the exact wing where this painting was located, so we walked 2 km uphill for nothing. Not even the first time that happened to me. But after it was time for pizza again so it was easier to get over the disappointment. :)

Museo Archeologico

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