City Break in Valencia in October


I often think how me and my friends pick countries, cities and places to visit. To be frank, it’s usually a choice between the destinations low-cost airlines are currently offering. We check flight from airports nearby (usually leaving Ljubljana out, because it only offers budget flights to London and Brussels) and find someplace we like, book a flight, and off we go. Sure we try to choose places we’ve never been before, but for a good price and meanwhile a serious case of wanderlust we’ll decide to visit a know destination again. So sometimes it happens, that me and my friends are thinking of same destinations, traveling to same cities, from same airports, with same airlines. However, I often find myself frowning upon such destinations, getting tired of the idea before even booking a flight or just thinking it’s way too easy and cheap to go there, I can go some other time (and mostly I end up not going at the end). Well, Valencia was such a destination – flight connection from Trieste (just 1 hour away from home), cheap flights, always an option but never a decision – until October.

We booked an apartment via airbnb (for a really low price) near Torres de Quart, a perfect location, just minutes walk to the city center. We planed on taking a 5-day vacation, with little to do, just some exploring, eating out and relaxing. It’s not such a big city so I didn’t do exact plans, I decided to plan as we go.




view from Torre de Quart


view from Torre de Serranos



The city is nice, manageable, with many great restaurants and bars, with a long, sandy beach nearby. I must say, that I got such a strong Parisian vibe from some streets and places (which wasn’t the case in Barcelona). We had plenty time to do the sightseeing and to be honest, I enjoy traveling at a higher speed more. I love waking up early and walking around until my feet hurt and I’m hungry, but happy and full of new experiences. Maybe I missed that feeling in Valencia. It was nice, but I wouldn’t say it qualifies as one of  my favorite destinations. Also I couldn’t seem to take great photos, I don’t know why, but going trough my photos I’m quite disappointed with the outcome.



This view of the cathedral was our first contact with the city center, on the first evening, just after we arrived. The square was so smooth, almost like ice and to me it seemed magical, illuminated only with street lights, full of people and the man playing his violin sure helped a lot.

This is it for now, I’ll write more about our day cycling around the city in my next post! :)

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