Christmas Destination: Salzburg and Salzkammergut

I wanted to do something special in December so I decided to make a new category called Christmas Destination where I’ll be sharing some of my favorite cities to visit in December! We visited this part of Austria last year just after Christmas. The main idea was to visit Salzburg and after a bit of research we decided to expand our trip and also visit Salzkammergut with small idyllic villages and many lakes.  I would really recommend doing the same if you decide to go to Salzburg! I already posted a bunch about our trip last year (here and here), so I now I just want to show some pictures to get your wanderlust stronger. :)

Seewalchen am Attersee

Almsee (here)

Catle Ort, Traunsee

When visiting castle Ort or Traunsee you should also visit town Gmünden nearby – we actually walked from the castle to the town, it’s not very far. You can take a boat ride there. I’ve been once as a child and it was very interesting.

St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee

There are three interesting villages by the Wolfgangsee: St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl. We visited all of them and they all have New Year’s markets as well as Christmas markets, so you can stroll decorated streets and by homemade product until 31st December, not just until 25th! Also it is not so crowded if you decide to visit after Christmas.

Hallstatt, Hallstäter See

The most famous village in Salkammergut (probably even for the whole of Austria). I mostly remember how extremely cold it was. The sun was already gone when we arrived, but to be honest there are areas which sun doesn’t even reach for months (the white stuff is just frozen grass, that was damp because of the lake, not snow). The coffee houses were all full but eventually we managed to find a free table and had some coffee and a piece of homemade Schwarzwald cake.




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