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Isola d’Ischia – Itinerary

Me and a friend decided (quite spontaneously) to go to Italy for a few days in May. We found cheap flight to Naples and then explored what else we could see in the surroundings. After […]

Sardinia – Itinerary N°3

So we’ve come to the last part of the journey. This time we traveled along the west coastline and then explored the southern part of the island. We found an airbnb just outside Cagliari, so […]

Sardinia – Itinerary N°2

Our second part of Sardinian week was spent on the northern part of the island. We had some shorter day planed and I think this region might be my favorite part of Sardinia. Even now, […]

Sardinia – Itinerary N°1

Porto Frailis near Arbatax I think the Sardinia itinerary I promised to post about a year ago is long overdue, what do you say? Well, here it finally is! I do have another confession to […]

4 Days Around Verona – Itinerary

I decided to make an itinerary for y trip in June, although it was only a few days and we didn’t really visit so much (we had bigger plans, but then it was too hot […]

Sicily – Itinerary part 3

This is the last post of my Sicily Week. Sardinia is coming up, but maybe first a short break to show some recent adventures.  After that I decided to share some more about practical aspects […]

Sicily – Itinerary part 2

Solero beach Sicily week continues. The next part of the journey we stayed in a small apartment in the town center of Comiso. We only stayed here for two days and were out almost all […]

Sicily – Itinerary part 1

I’ve been thinking about posting photos from my last big trip for a while now. I wanted to do a proper itinerary, because I planed it in and out and it would be a shame […]