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New Watch from Massimo Dutti

I think that a watch is an important statement piece in every girl’s wardrobe. I feel that there are some pieces that are worth spending more money – like a watch, sunglasses, a classy pair […]

Things to Buy Before Summer

Before getting ready for the summer I need a to do list. My wardrobe contains most of the things I need for summer already, but I still have some important pieces. 1. Sunglasses: I bought […]

The Perfect Bag Hunt

I’ve been thinking about buying a new bag since my last journey. When traveling I always carry around my camera and while taking pictures the bag gets in the way. Right now I only have […]

Getting Ready for a Weekend Trip to Munich

All things I’ll be needing for three days. Might think two watches are too much but a girl also has to accessorize when abroad. I stocked up on books and magazines – it is going […]