New Watch from Massimo Dutti



I think that a watch is an important statement piece in every girl’s wardrobe. I feel that there are some pieces that are worth spending more money – like a watch, sunglasses, a classy pair of high heels, winter coat etc. With a right watch even an everyday plain t-shirt can look somewhat luxurious, if you know how to style it right. I always admire people that wear simple clothes, yet look gorgeous in them. The effortless beauty is the best and it’s secret lies in detail – a nail color, a ring or a watch can make all the difference.


Now that we established my point of view on details, let’s talk about what I bought. :) I’ve been searching for something this simple, elegant and black. So far I always bought light, rose gold or white watches, so I had some troubles when wearing black. I adore how simple this watch is. Doesn’t it look like something a future architect might wear? I think so! :)



Things to Buy Before Summer

Before getting ready for the summer I need a to do list. My wardrobe contains most of the things I need for summer already, but I still have some important pieces.

1. Sunglasses: I bought my current sunglasses two years ago for 5 € in Barcelona, when my existing ones gave up on me and I needed a quick fix. In the two years after that I obviously didn’t have enough time to buy another pair – and it’s time to change that! I went sunglasses-shopping last weekend and tried on about 100 pairs – not single ones that I liked. Looks like designers this year decided to spice things up with golden letters and fake diamond rocks and other sparkling horrors. I’m just looking tor clean, elegant design that fits my face. So far no luck, but I’ll just keep on going, hoping for the best.



2. Straw hat: I’ve been thinking about buying one for a few years now – and never got around to it. Apparently I’ve been very busy lately! Now that I’m planning to travel across Sicily and Sardinia in summer… :)


3. Little black bag: You know – for those late summer nights when you just wear a dress take a bag and off you go – no jacket or anything. Oh yes, I can’t wait for those late, hot summer nights out with my friends. :)


4. White summer dress: relaxed, easy fit, with delicate lace details – perfect for summer!


5. Luggage tag: I’ve always had a weakness for leather goods and I just came across this great luggage tag.




The Perfect Bag Hunt

I’ve been thinking about buying a new bag since my last journey. When traveling I always carry around my camera and while taking pictures the bag gets in the way. Right now I only have bags I have to carry in my hand which is very annoying on trips. Therefor it’s officially time for a new bag – the kind that won’t get in the way.

I’ve decided on a leather shoulder bag. I’d like to get one in gray but apparently gray bags are not in this year. So I’ll go for a classic black one. :)

Untitled-21. Furla 2. Furla 3. Ted Baker 4. Hugo Boss 5. DKNY 6. DKNY

I did some research and chose some bags. Some have long handles for carrying and all of them have additional straps. Now I have to go shopping and meet the bags in person. Then I can really decide on the one. :)