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A Weekend Trip to the Seaside

Koper is the biggest town on Slovenia’s coastline. It mainly has industrial importance (there’s the most important port of Slovenia) and isn’t really a typical tourist point. However it’s getting more interesting each year with […]

Rise and Shine

Last Thursday a friend had an idea to wake up really early and go somewhere to watch a sunrise. I was the one she shared the idea with and the one enthusiastic (trying really hard […]

Logarska dolina and Solčava Panoramic Road, Slovenia

Last Thursday we decided to make a day-trip to Logarska dolina (Logar Valley). It was during the week so there were just a few people there and we got to experience the nature in the […]

The Best of Rogla

Let’s jump from summer right into rain, clouds and being cold. Doesn’t sound too good to me, but actually it was quite nice to be cold for a day during the summer heat. To be […]

Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about Slovenia and not much else. I think it might be tome for a tbt post about last summer trip or something. I also know I haven’t shown much […]

Postcards from Bled, Slovenia

I’ve already talked about Bled a couple times here on the blog. It’s one of the Slovenia’s most famous tourist sites and is the one place from my country that I usually find on ”50 […]

Begunje, Slovenia

We just had a long weekend in Slovenia, because yesterday was a national holiday. Sadly only Saturday was sunny and then it rained for two days. So we decided to go on a day trip, […]

Debela Peč, near Bled, Slovenia

Debela Peč is one of the easier accessible mountains that is more than 2000 m high. From the top there’s a wonderful view of the Triglav – Slovenian highest mountain. It’s a bit more than […]

Ljubljana Castle

Prešern Square and Triple Bridge as seen from the castle It happens a lot that I talk to my friends and mention something about the Ljubljana castle, and then they answer with something like: Oh, […]

Vipava, Slovenia

Vipavski Križ In spring I took some weekends to go on some one-day-trips across Slovenia. We visited some places around Ajdovščina and had a great spring day. Some of the villages we visited are very […]

7 Triglav Lakes, Slovenia

Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia. There are 7 lakes laying in a valley underneath that can be reached after about 3 and a half hours of walking. Too bad there are only three […]

Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley, Bohinj, Slovenija

Mostnica in an Alpine river that creates gorges trough Voje valley and starts with a waterfall at the very end (or better beginning) of the valley. It takes you about an hour to walk from […]

Bohinj Lake, Slovenija

I spent a week near Bohinj lake in Slovenia. It’s the second most visited lake in my country. The most famous lake is the Bled lake that I already mentioned before. However personally I prefer […]

Slovenian Pavilion Expo 2015

I visited Expo 2015 in Italy yesterday. We went there together with a group from Open House Slovenia and some people from Intra Lighting (a company who designed lights for the Slovenian pavilion). It started […]

Bled, Slovenia

Bled is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia. Tourists passing trough our country usually visit Postojna cave, the capital – Ljubljana and Bled lake. Bled lake is a picturesque glacial lake with […]

Ljubljana ZOO

Looks like the spring is finally coming. It’s getting warmer and last few days have been sunny. I spent Saturday afternoon in Ljubljana ZOO. It was nice because of the weather but the animals were […]

Ljubljana in Summer

I’m not that crazy about summer but right now it’s been cold for so long that I really miss it. Hot summer days and warm, long summer nights. Ljubljana fills with tourists in summer.There are […]

Rogla, Slovenia

Rogla is one of the most famous ski resorts in Slovenia, but I almost prefer visiting it during the summer. It never gets extremely hot and there are almost no people, only quite and nature. […]

Full Moon over Ljubljana

I was surprised by the amazing view that opened at the end of main street of Ljubljana. The moon was bigger and brighter than usually. Another picture of the moon above main square with the […]