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National Gallery of Slovenia

The National Gallery in Ljubljana got a complete makeover in last few years. It was renovated and reorganized. The gallery reopened in January and for the first time in years the full collection is on […]

Ljubljana Castle

PreŇ°ern Square and Triple Bridge as seen from the castle It happens a lot that I talk to my friends and mention something about the Ljubljana castle, and then they answer with something like: Oh, […]

Ljubljana ZOO

Looks like the spring is finally coming. It’s getting warmer and last few days have been sunny. I spent Saturday afternoon in Ljubljana ZOO. It was nice because of the weather but the animals were […]

Ljubljana in Summer

I’m not that crazy about summer but right now it’s been cold for so long that I really miss it. Hot summer days and warm, long summer nights. Ljubljana fills with tourists in summer.There are […]

Full Moon over Ljubljana

I was surprised by the amazing view that opened at the end of main street of Ljubljana. The moon was bigger and brighter than usually. Another picture of the moon above main square with the […]