National Gallery of Slovenia


The National Gallery in Ljubljana got a complete makeover in last few years. It was renovated and reorganized. The gallery reopened in January and for the first time in years the full collection is on display again. I actually visited the gallery  in December just before it opened. We went there with my renovation class and got a full tour from the architect leading the renovation. I’m very much into renovation and I totally loved the tour. However the collection wasn’t displayed yet, so I went there again. Insider tip: there’s free admission every first Sunday of the month! :)





I remember dreaming about owning a room like the one above when I was little. I just loved the French windows and high ceilings. When I visited the gallery again I discovered, that’s still the case. I would agree to live in such a space in a heartbeat! I can already see myself having a party in a room like that! :)


Summer by Ivana Kobilca – one of my favorite paintings by a Slovene  painter.


Christmas Feeling in Ljubljana


First some work talk. I’ve been swamped lately, so I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit. I changed my studio this year and all my subject demand a lot of work this year, so I got used to staying at my faculty until 9 p.m. almost everyday. When I come home I usually relax a bit and then go to sleep, which leaves me little time to work on new posts. Even the weekends are pretty busy or maybe I’m just exhausted from the week and end up sleeping trough more than half of it.



Now to the point. The Christmas lights are already lit and the Christmas market is open. The city center is packed with people drinking mulled wine and it’s nearly impossible to get a table anywhere in the old town. It was probably like this last year and I just forgot. The photos I’m sharing are from last year because I didn’t get the chance to take any this year. I went to the town yesterday, but the fog was terrible. I’m planing on spending more time in the city center on next weekend and hopefully I take some good photos then.


This is the view from the castle tower. I went there with my friends as a part of my last year’s birthday celebration for the first time. I really liked it and I’m thinking about making it a tradition. There are many more lights and Ljubljana looks so sparkly from above.



Ljubljana Castle

045Prešern Square and Triple Bridge as seen from the castle

It happens a lot that I talk to my friends and mention something about the Ljubljana castle, and then they answer with something like: Oh, I haven’t been for years. It’s really close to the city center, but it is sort of a cliche so many locals don’t bother going there. I however love the castle. From the top you have a great view of Ljubljana, especially from the tower. There’s a cafe and a restaurant inside the castle. During summer there’s an open air theater on the yard.




This time I went to the tower late in the afternoon so the light was beautiful and I think the photos turned out great. I’ve been thinking I should try taking some photos in the winter right after it had snowed. I’m not sure if the tower is even open during winter, but I could still take some photos. Just something I’m thinking about. :)



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