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What I Plan to Do in 2017

Lets make an ultimate To do list for 2017. I love looking back and seeing how many places I’ve visited in a year. Lately I’ve been mostly staying at home, because I have lots to […]

What I Did in 2016

I’m not the kind of person who sets resolution each year in January. For me New Year only means another 365 days I’ll try to fill with as much memories as possible. I already have […]

What I’ve Been up to

1. I started planning my next trip this week. I bought plane tickets already a while ago and booked an apartment trough airbnb (you can get 25€ off your first trip with my link!). :) […]

Things to Buy Before Summer

Before getting ready for the summer I need a to do list. My wardrobe contains most of the things I need for summer already, but I still have some important pieces. 1. Sunglasses: I bought […]

My Idea of Travel

As you might have already gathered I like to travel a lot and I like to do it in a certain way. I like blending in with the locals and I love when people mistake […]

Travel Wish List

So let’s make another list. A list of countries I’d like to visit next. Hopefully I’ll get to fulfill a few of those wishes this year already! 1. Road trip across Switzerland.  I’ve been to […]

Things That Make Life Worth Living

Something else about me – I love lists. All kind of lists. It can be as simple as to-do list, shopping list, wish list etc. Believe me – at one point or another this site […]