Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I’ve been thinking about doing a food related post for a while. I decided to start with some simple breakfast ideas. This summer I’ve really gotten into eating lots of fruit for breakfast.


1. Greek yogurt with peaches and oat bran

No special recipe here, just mix the said ingredients. :)


2. Banana and cocoa smoothie

Mix one ripe banana with about one cup of milk (you can use rice, oat, soy or regular milk). Add one tea spoon of cocoa and some cinnamon and vanilla. Blend everything together and enjoy right away.


3. Greek yogurt with banana, peanuts, oat bran and honey

I think bananas and peanuts go great together, but you should make sure to use peanuts without salt. You can also add honey, but I usually don’t, since bananas are already sweet, if they are ripe.

Nothing groundbreaking really, just some ideas that might inspire you. :)

I’m leaving for Sicily tonight so I might be away from the blog for a while. I did prepare some posts for you but I’m not sure what the situation with the wi-fi will be. Anyway – I’ll be back in two weeks with tons of great photos and new material. :)

Busy Summer Day


I have my exam tomorrow so I’m pretty busy studying, but I still took some time off from school stuff and went to a lunch date for me and my boyfriend’s anniversary. We went to the restaurant Loka in Novo mesto, right next to Krka river. It’s great ambiance and they have tasty food. I especially like ravioli with chicken and tomato sauce which is a pretty rare combination but I think it’s super delicious. They also have great home-made desserts.



I also took some time to do a little planning for our upcoming trip. It is pretty much all planned out at the moment. I just hope we’ll manage to keep up to the schedule, because it’s pretty packed. I’m also a bit nervous about our car hire because I’ve never rented a car before, but hopefully all goes well. :)




Lola, Vis, Croatia


So I’m back from my one week trip to Bohinj, Slovenia. I’ll hold on to describing my new experiences until a bit later and first finish my seaside tale first. There is one more place I have to rave about. A little place called Lola. We went there to try some wine we wanted to buy to bring back home. The saleswomen suggested we go there. When we found the place we were surprised by the enchanting garden. It’s quite secluded and a bit hard to find, but it’s definitely worth finding! In my opinion this is another must visit place in Vis. Oh and they also have delicious-looking burgers! I didn’t get to try one because we ate at the hotel, but I sure wanted to! :)