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Blenheim Palace, UK

Another day-trip we chose to make while in Oxford was Blenheim Palace. It is a big palace that is also the birthplace of Winston Churchill. The palace is located just outside Oxford, about 30 minute […]

Exploring Oxford Like a Local

I promised another post about Oxford, because I had too much for just one post. I mentioned we has a friend that studies at Oxford with us, so we got all the inside tips and […]

White Cliffs of Dover, UK

I got lost in activities again. Planed to post about Dover cliffs a while ago, but I just didn’t get around to it. It was a day-trip that became the highlight of our week. We […]

Touring Colleges in Oxford

Me and my friends went to Oxford in August. One of them went to Oxford to get his masters degree and had his room leased until the end of the month so we decided to […]

Snaps from my Latest Travels

I’ve been super busy lately. I managed to prepare some material to post when I was traveling in Sicily and Sardegna, but after that I kind of run out of time and posts. Sorry for […]

London, UK

It was my fourth time in London and I already found myself remembering places and for quite a large part I didn’t even need a map. Also they have small neighborhood maps at every bus […]