Geneva Old Town, Switzerland


At the beginning of May I spent a week with a friend in Geneva. Switzerland is one of my favorite countries but I prefer the ”German” part. However I’ve never been to Geneva before so it seemed like a great short break between studying and working.



077 I was surprised by the old city center. It has a strong french vibe and in some parts it really feels like you’re in France¬† –¬† french-looking cafes with tables on the streets under big old trees and carousels surrounded by people. Especially the part around the Gothic cathedral is lovely. Narrow yet empty streets and beautiful historic building. 076

Traveling with friends is great. I always feel more like going on an adventure, because you get to spend few days living with people you don’t usually live with. We made a reservation¬† via airbnb and actually stayed in France just a few meters from the border. It was a unique experience that I always seek for when traveling with airbnb.