Dublin, Ireland

DSC_0097The Temple Bar

My studies just started and I’m already in to my knees. It’s a good thing I did some traveling before that, because it looks like I’ll be spending most of my time with my books now. But I’ll still make some time to go on a few trips. The leaves are changing color and this entire week has been sunny. It’s beautiful outside and I really mustn’t let myself spend all my time working on projects inside.

DSC_0096Christ Church Cathedral


DSC_0040Trinity College and Library

My last trip was to Dublin. I went there with a friend and we only did a bit of sightseeing. We mostly just wandered around the city, doing some shopping, sitting in parks and drinking coffee in cute coffee shops. I loved the city from the first moment, even though we arrived late and it was dark and rainy. The buildings are old and made of stone, the parks are green and the people are shockingly nice. Seriously, everyone says thank you and sorry all the time and they’re prepared to help you with anything without you asking. I was so surprised by that, it’s much different from what I’m used to.



Coffee and gluten free chocolate cake at Fumbally Cafe just outside our apartment. It was delicious, the cake tasted like a chocolate souffle.



Snaps from my Latest Travels


I’ve been super busy lately. I managed to prepare some material to post when I was traveling in Sicily and Sardegna, but after that I kind of run out of time and posts. Sorry for that. After my Italy trip, I went pretty much straight to Bale in Croatia where I did some work for my faculty and after that I went to visit my friend in Liverpool and made a little detour to Dublin on the way. Now I’m slowly getting back on track and I’m already a bit busy with this year’s projects. I only have a couple minutes so I just wanted to share some snaps from my late summer adventures. :)




Sicily, Italy



Sardegna, Italy



Dublin, Ireland



Liverpool, UK