Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam, Germany



Potsdam can be reached from Berlin via about an hour long train ride. From the train station you have to take the bus and than walk for a few minutes, but it’s all worth it. When we visited it was extremely hot, about 35°C. I was so surprised by the heat – I expected it to be colder, because it’s much higher North than Slovenia. I remember I was exhausted from the heat and almost turned around in the middle of the park, but I’m glad I made it to the end. The palaces and the park are wonderful. I love places that make me feel like a princess – even for just one day. :)




The park is huge and you should take one whole day to see everything. However there is no restaurant or cafe, but there are lots of great spots for a picnic. :)






Berlin, Germany


1511. Branderburger Tor / 2. Reichstag

I visited Berlin about two years ago for the second time. I like the city although some parts seem just too big – it is not exactly build for human scale. We visited most tourist attractions and took some extra time just for wandering around, shopping a bit and eating out. :)



1651. Deutscher Dom at Gendarmenmarkt / 2. Berliener Dom / 3. St. Marienkirche near Alexanderplatz


This was actually my first airbnb experience. Me end my friend had a great stay in a small but newly renovated and cozy place. I remember thinking I would gladly live in such an apartment. We stayed in Berlin for 9 days, so there was plenty of time and we had time for breakfast on balcony every morning. I also remember we used to buy fresh bread from the bakery just down the road from our apartment.



1751. The Berlin Wall / 2. Old Jewish Cemetary / 3. Reichtag, New German Parliament designed by Norman Foster

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Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin


Charlottenburg Palac is a palace surrounded with beautiful gardens in Berlin, Germany. I visited Berlin two years ago during summer and it was probably the hottest travel experience. It was over 35°C every day for 10 days and my feet literally burnt while walking. Therefore switching from hot paved streets to grass in the park was a big relief.


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Interior is beautiful. Some rooms are quite modest but others are luxurious, especially the chapel. The thing that I disliked the most was, that you have to buy a ”photo pass” if you want to take pictures.

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The gardens behind the palace are beautiful and spacious. You can enter free of charge and take a peaceful walk in the middle of a noisy city.