Seine River and Musee du Louvre, Paris



Walks along the Seine are the perfect thing to do when in Paris. The banks of the river are the best location for morning or evening walks. You can hide from the cars and noise and enjoy a peaceful side of Paris. Also you can see the Eiffel Tower almost all the time and cross the river on numerous bridges. The next time I go to Paris I plan on spending one whole day just walking along the river, drinking coffee and eating Hägen-Dazs ice cream. I’m already looking forward to that! :)




Louvre is the biggest museum I’ve ever been to. I love museums and art galleries. They are always so peaceful and you feel somehow smarter, more sophisticated. If I lived in Paris or London, I’d probably visit those museums a lot. However my favorite museum in Paris is Musee d’Orsay but I didn’t get the chance to visit it this time. I’ll certainly do that the next time. I haven’t even got anything planed but I already know how my next trip to Paris is going to look like. :)





Le Parc des Félins

The Parc des Félins is a zoo near Paris. It takes less than two hours to get the from the central Paris. Visiting this park was so interesting because they have pretty much every big or small cat there is. Being a cat lover myself it was more or less a must to visit it.


The snow leopard was the main reason we visited the park. I wished to see it for quite some time and the Parc des Félins is the closest zoo that has it.







The cutest little kitten. It’s called sand cat and honestly I didn’t know it existed until I visited this zoo. They’re small, sort of chubby and fluffy. 629We visited the park in the afternoon when animals were sleepy. They were mostly just lying around, sleeping and yawning. Pretty much what I’m doing right now. Except I’m also drinking coffee. :)