Winter Weekend Break in Opatija

I’ve already shared some pics from my weekend break via Instagram. We booked a three day break in hotel Ambasador in Opatija, Croatia and went there last week. The weather was quite bad for the whole time, but luckily the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, spa with sauna and fitness – everything you could possibly need on a rainy day. :)

Our room was very comfortable, especially the big, white, fluffy bed. It was nice to stay in and watch the rain outside. For once we didn’t spend the whole day walking outside and complain about our blisters in the evening, haha! :)

On the last day we drove up to a church called Veprinac with a beautiful view of Rijeka. Sadly the weather was still pretty gloomy and the trees were everywhere so it was quite a challenge taking a good photo of the view.


Vela Luka and Mala Luka, Krk, Croatia


On the second day of our vacation we decided to turn the other way and head east, towards bays Vela Luka and Mala Luka. They are about 2 hour walk away from the center of Baška. We knew the walk was going to be quite long, but we were surprised by how steep it was. The hills are not high, but you have to go up and down 4 times so that makes it about 800 m of height altogether.


Mala Luka


Vela Luka



When we got to Vela Luka, it was already lunchtime, so we decided to order some food and take a break. That’s why we didn’t walk all the way to Mala Luka, that is another 20 minutes away. However we got a pretty good view of it from the last hill so we were not so curious about it. :)


At the end we decided to take back a different way, that was a bit longer, but I figured it was going to be less steep, since it was leading straight towards the shore and then alongside the beach towards Baška. The way leads trough Vrženica gorge, which was much longer and some parts were so steep, we had to climb over them. However I’m not sorry, because it was interesting to see and the beaches along the shore were beautiful. Especially the beach Vrženica with a great view of island Prvič. That would probably be my favorite beach on the island!


Vrženica gorge



Vrženica beach





Vela Draga, Krk, Croatia



Vela Draga is a small, secluded bay west of town Baška. We went there on our first day on the island. It is about 1 hour and a half walk away from town center. We actually thought it would be closer, but we decided to walk till the end anyway, because it would be a shame to turn around after an hour. The path is rocky and pretty steep at times. But the surrounding is beautiful. Mostly just rocky landscape with great view of sea and island Prvič. There’s a lot of sage everywhere and it smells wonderful. Too bad smell can’t travel online!


lovely smelling sage


view of bay Vela Draga



view of island Prvič




view of town Baška