Slovenian Pavilion Expo 2015

I visited Expo 2015 in Italy yesterday. We went there together with a group from Open House Slovenia and some people from Intra Lighting (a company who designed lights for the Slovenian pavilion).

034It started to rain the minute we got of the bus but the weather got better with time. The main streets have roof above them so it’s easy to walk around without umbrellas even when it’s raining.


012First we visited Slovenian pavilion where we got some coffee and typical Slovenian pastry.  The pavilion consist of 5 parts. Each of this parts shows a typical Slovenian attribute. It really makes you think about how great your own country is. We seem to forget that all too often.


001The ball modular seats Lina. They look so cute and they are surprisingly comfortable.





At the end of the pavilion is a food corner offering different typical dishes from Slovenia. You can try cream cake from Bled, nut roll called ”potica”, pasta with meat sauce from Idrija and much more.




So if anyone is planing on visiting Expo, do stop at the Sovenian pavilion. Walk trough and try some delicious food, maybe decide to come visit some time. :)


Spending Winter at the Seaside


It’s about that time of the year when I start waiting for the spring to come. But I don’t like waiting, I’m not good at waiting. So what I did was go to the seaside (Opatija, Croatia) to get a little spring preview. It was sunny and warm and I could let my winter coat rest for a day.


This is my building-crush Vila Münz (or Vila Emma). I love renovation and to one day renovate an old villa is a major dream of mine. This beauty is abandoned and almost a ruin. The windows are smashed, the roof is leaking and the garden is  completely overgrown. I even have plans and drawings I got online. For me to renovate this villa is a dream come true and a life goal. However I just did some research and they already have an offer for 11 million euro. Which is sadly a little more than I can offer – but I promise I would love the building more every day, stay by it’s side and never let it go! (You can probably tell I’m very passionate about architecture and since I almost just married a building, it’s probably a good choice of career for me. :))

Now that I have plans I might do a little project during summer and draw some renovation ideas.



Now it’s back to my normal life again and my projects are waiting for me (almost as impatiently as I’m waiting for the spring). I have to get some work done before I can take another free day.



Copenhagen, Denmark




The opera house in Copenhagen made it to my favorite architecture in a second. It is monumental because of it’s size but by using mostly glass the architects kept some lightness. The location is also open and airy, and with it’s overhanging roof the building sort of floats above the sea which is quite an accomplishment for a building of this size. For those still wondering: yes I’m an architecture student and even though it means so much work I love it more every year. :)










Denmark was always very high on my ”Would love to visit” list, but I have never been until this September. And to be honest it was every bit as good as I expected. It’s many canals are similar to Amsterdam but I loved Copenhagen more. It’s somewhat more open and lighter and you are more in touch with the sea.